Thursday, October 8, 2009

March 16, 2009
Thank you!

In the past year alone, Peter started it from Xyron and gave me over $500 dollars worth of stuff, as he said he had a few items in his desk, 5 boxes full. take a look below. I paid it foward and gave my niece somethings Wow!

then all the Random acts of kindness from all of the 4 yahoo boards, I have received and also sent.
then this lady gave me a very nice kitchen table for my son's room for crafting/game playing.
then this lady whom loves to give us stuff all of the time to keep or pass on to people we know that are in need, gave us a big screenTV, couches, end tables, chairs etc. Lots of stuff we passed on.
Wow, I mean it is sooooooooooooo hard to take!!

Then Tammy N. asked her hubby to build me a computer, cuz Lightening hit us in November and destroyed our 2nd one. I cried the day she told me and the I cried the day she called me to go and pick it up.
I am forever grateful!!!!

Then today I received this from the hostess(shannon)

(oops my eyes are closed) I cried tears of Joy!
so that is so very nice of you to buy me stuff to make up for my absence Secet Santa package! Oh my, thanks from the bottom of my ♥!

oh my can't wait to play!

you may {double click} to see the goodies!

thanks again to Everyone!!!!

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