Thursday, October 8, 2009

May 19, 2009
Our new Ducks!!!!!
today just fresh out of the shower, I get this call for my most Favorite feed store:Superstition Ranch market for our animals, Michelle, would you be interested in more ducks! I was thinking oh no I remember when we got Milk and Quackers, and then mac and cheese that that was enough as they eat like pigs. Lol. I told the feed store back in January that since we traded Jack the rooster for Milk and Quackers, that they eat alot, one guy said yes I think they ate 20lbs of feed in 1 week. LOL
Well, then I wanted to know more. So, I said you have some, she said well this couple is here and want to give them away for free. I said ok, well I will be there in just a few minutes as i was out of the showwer, great, hang up, got ready to go. I needed feed anyway and got my 5 gallon buckets for hay and alfalfa and forgot cages, oh well I had a box. so, I get there and they are waiting on me and just so happens, the man is very proactive in Mesa, and he ran for Mayor for 4 times and didn't win. we conversed for a while in the heat(it's hot now) and then I put each one in the box and air on high and off we went. they quieted down to music of coarse as therapy for all. LOL we get home and they are surpised to find friends in the yard, loads of them!
Now all 6 ducks love each other. How nice!

pretty mallard ducks, yellow bils, orange feet, green and black heads, brown and black necks, white, grey and black feathers. So happy!
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