Thursday, October 8, 2009

May 22, 2009
we are so proud of Jesus!
when we think he is doing great, we are always reminded of how much he loves school. Sure he is a typical child though, one that talks back or doesn't listen at times but, he being our 3rd, seems to always want to help out.
so, the other day being the shy guy himself, he whispers in my ear while I was sitting on the computer, guess what Mom, i won a bike, so calm, oh i said what and I scream. LOL We left right away to go and get it. I am thrilled that he was one of the four top readers again in his school and received this on May 14th, 2009:
A brand new huffy boys bike and helmet. He is thrilled as we just fixed his old bike that is 1 years old from a flat tire and now he has two to ride.
then he graduated from 6th grade and received this:
Everything we do, always has to involve photo taking. LOL (that would be the Scrapbooker in me.) Cheers, here's to 7th grade. Congradulations!!!!!

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