Thursday, October 8, 2009

May 25, 2009
What a day!
So, I was so upset on Friday cuz we lost a black duck. I think since another one(Piper with defective wings) of our 4 goose had died this month of may, that there is only now 1 male named Peter and 1 female named Pickle. I brought him inside on top of the dryer to add heat as it rained on thursday and he was wet but, ducks love water. There was no physical signs of trauma but, he wasn't himself. So, he passed away to duck heaven and it was so sad for me.
So, I was outside and then waiting on a air conditioning company to come back to bring us our check back for bad service, I heard the dogs barking and thought it was them and low and behold I look down and it was a RAK(random act of kindness) from Tammy, Shermala, and Veronica. Oh so very nice of them. I am thrilled at their thoughtfulness and kindness!!!!
I received this cutest butter fly card and lime green bag, oh my
and the EK Inspirables, bazzill crocheted blossoms, 2 latch tags, maya road sunflower
slides, lil davis bottle caps, 2 creative clip boards, texture cuttle bug folder,

thank you again ladies! (p.s. i had it all planned to rak attack them and they beat me to it, sneaky!)
I will pay it forward once I get my act together to them. Watch out!!!!
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