Thursday, October 8, 2009

May 27, 2009
welcome to our nest!
well today i get this call from a very nice lady and she said her daughter used to belong to the FFA class at her high school and had some hens, a rooster and some babies that needed a home. There was two original takers but, they backed out. I have my name at the feed store incase there are any animals seeking a home or rescue. so, I met her and picked up these adorables. So, darn cute:
look at this beautiful golden rooster and the baby that is perched inside his wing. he is a very good dad and the babies really are very well protected.
They finally made it home.

cute litle family of two hens, 6 babies(the two hens had 11 babies but, 5 died) and this golden rooster. we had to put them in with the geese as the other 5 roosters don't get a long with him for now. It will take time perhaps and then they will all get along nicely!
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