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May 31, 2009
Bargains part #3
I forgot to post a photo from the post below hamster cage etc. for only $3.00! Wow!!!!
then this craft mate and all these contains for $2.00
just look at all these bling and then beads!Wowza!
(double-click for more viewing) Pretty!

Anyway there was more stuff but, little things and this was so neat and a blessing to find bargains!!!!
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more bargains I forgot
and I purchased this My little pony activity, music set, 1 my little pony set brand new, and a 31 piece picnic basket set new, all for $1.00 per item=$3.00.

Wow, what a deal. these were going to my husband's nephew's daughter whom turns 3 but, the dad told me that it makes him feel bad when I do things for the girls. My giving Spirit is always from the ♥, first and foremost. I can't do things per say for my own children at times or get them what they want and not what they need(our children are very Blessed and deep down they know it) and that is completely ok, as we live different. I guess his problem is, he can't but, he should just except things from people as he needs help. Must be the pride. I told him wait till the girls and if he has more children as he has a son also gets older, you will have to pay. LOL But, i have helped since they were born and I mean well. But, for a while there I stopped as I guess I felt the change but this was for the Birthday! My husband said if people say that to you family or not, then stop, plain and simple. they will be missing out on opportunities, that's all.
Oh well I need to find some little girls that would love these cute toys. I know that I would of. MY sis and so many sisters and friends did so much for my own children and I never was feeling bad, I just said thank you! Giving is always what I am about but, taking is not what I am about as I never wanted to feel that I was greedy. It is the hardest thing for me this giving and taking thing. LOL
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May 30, 2009
Bargains Galore!
I was able to purchase this Minolta camera, lens kit and cases, strap at a yard sale
Thursday, on our way to see terminator as we had gift cards for that.
I can't believe the deal I got as wow, what a blessing! I never realized at this
point in my life how important it is to take the right photos. I need to really
one day take a class on photography!
Now to learn all of the ropes of what it does. LOL

Ok, so now I went to another yard sale about 1 week ago these guys that I met
purchase storage units and that is how they make a living. then they live on this $$$.
how cool is that?? So, I purchased a DCWV spring paper pack for $1.00 and a craft mate
filled with charms and bling for $2.00 and more stuff. this particular lady lost all of her craft/
scrapbook stuff and there was a bunch and great deals. this guy purchased 120 packs
of those beads at Michaels for $20.

So, I didnt' have much $ to spend and I asked him kindly if he would please save the stuff
for today. He was so very nice and I brought them 1 dozen chicken eggs for the hold. this is what I got for $15.00:
then when I went back to get the box above of goodies. I got a nice chef spoon for only 50 cents about $7.00 something at walmart. I got this nice Making Memories distress kit for $2.00, some books for, $1.00 per book my son a hamster cage, a new pack of bedding and food for $3.00, this new make up
bag with the tag string still attached for $1.00 to keep my tools etc. in it for Creative Escape.

The purse above is from the online price:
Christian Dior Purse, pink logo motif on canvas with patent leather and sequin detail, satchel style, zippered interior pocket Length, 11 in.; width, 6 in.; depth, 5 in. $506.00

this is her purse: $1.00, the real deal minus one flower and the lock! Whoo-HOO!!
So, what a week of bargains and didn't really spend much!

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May 27, 2009

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