Thursday, October 8, 2009

oh look at what we got for an addition to our family.

January 09, 2009
these two cute ducks. ♥
I had to trade Jack a rooster(as we have had a total of 14 roosters in 3 years), as he was picking on Roley and everyone needs to love each other here or they must go.
(good thing I dont' say that about our children)hehe

so far in 2 days we got two of these

I can't wait to cook them. Wonder how they taste.
Quack.. Quack...

So, darn cute but, these 3 geese aren't happy about the trade one bit. I always wanted Ducks
(in honor of my duck friend Jennifer).

So, in honor of the ducks, I am having a little fun contest.
I need names, everyone has to have a name and the prize....well it will involve chocolate.

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