Thursday, October 8, 2009

well hello.

December 2, 2008
since the lightening hit our yard on Friday the 28th, we lost 1 tv, my computer for business and personal use, one of the 20 foot saguaros and fried the cable/phone boxes(but, by sunday they were replaced) it then moved over 5 miles from us and knocked a whole entire blocks worth of stuff in their houses. I was working and my hubby was at home with our two boys. We are lucky! See that is why my blog is titled"Happy Go Lucky"!
we are the most thankful and grateful people, with "if we had no bad luck, we would have no luck at all". LOL I am sure that is a song.
so, we are grateful things could of been worse. then in the midst of things, we found black mold in our master bathroom. we are on a flood plain so our residence gets flooded pretty much when it does rain. i was totally surprised how much rain we did get and where it came from. this has been one wet year.
well our insurance is going to come out to see what they can do as our other mobile had black mold and was replaced by this one that now is in the starting stages. Our last mobile got myself and my mentally ill son very ill for a while. i told my hubby, I wonder if the mold went on the ground and went into this one. No that is not the reason, but, it makes a person wonder why this keeps happening. so our mortgage company said if they find it bad, they will pay off the loan, take the mobile out and perhaps we can get a new one put in more secure and healthier. If not, they will have to fix the problem as the floor by our back door fell in. this is this is similar to our other mobile when this started happening.
we lost everything almost from the other one and had to start all over. our mortgage company purchased this home in a collateral trade and it needs work but, mold starts in the walls.
well keep you posted and take care everyone as I get to come to use the libraries

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