Sunday, October 11, 2009

our 10th wedding anniversary!!!!!

October 10, 2009
{posing in swing is Chickadeta, of coarse} LOL

Yesterdaywas myself and my Juan and Only's 10th anniversary married by Father Caruso at All Saints CAtholic church. We originally left to Las Vegas and married more generic there on Sept. 5, 1999, right in the middle of Catholic Marriage prep, cuz all we wanted to go was get married. then we had to come back and tell them we married but, then we had a marriage at our church. it was nice as Jesus was hanging off my dress trying to get me to pick him up. LOL I don't remember where Meliesa and Andrew were. Hum.

Our witnesses were our marriage prep workers that I have known forever.

We were thrilled. So, today we are having our marriage Blessed.

What: Juan and Michelle Aguilar’s
Blessing of their 10Th wedding anniversary

When: All Saint’s Catholic Church, Sunday, Oct. 11th.
Time: noon mass
Why: cuz, we just love each other so very much!

Cake immediately following in McKay hall!

We were going to renew our vows, but, Juan is so nervous. LOL I am sure he will be today again. LOL. So, since i got some food poisoning on Thursday, from a local Chinese food take out, I never ate at before, I could not order the Costco cakes. I just wanted the parishioners to partake on cake to help us celebrate with our donuts. LOL

then we wanted to say whomever wanted to go to Golden Corral can afterwards, but, we decided not to. So, basically it was a very relaxing day for us yesterday. Juan did a side job, and I went to rummage sales and crafted. We ended up receiving this nice porch swing for our anniversary.
We are all about giving home gifts, like for one holiday, my Juan got me a nice mulberry tree, that is now 10 years. LOL

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