Thursday, October 8, 2009

today I.

September 30, 2009

now locked myself out of my own computer. Can remember the password for:"coffee break" hint. Any help by anyone would be greatly appreciated. I just need a hint of what that would be. Yikes. so, I am now at the library for a while till I can either figure this out, or pay the computer guy $40 to unlock it. It needs more memory and my old hard drive installed since I can't download stuff, re: photos, javascript, and adobe. LOL
Oh well today up at 4:30am and then i witnessed the most beautiful sunrise ever. I just had to grab my camera and take some shots.

this one is so cool with the saquaro and the palm trees. I did this with the flash on once, and it made a neat effect. Then a few with out. I will post just as soon as I can then. I keep wanting to do more computer work now since things are flippy floppy for me at the moment but, that allows me to get off the computer, discipline to only 1 hour per day here and hopefully keep taking more of our carpet out, so we can lay the floor down the way we would like eventually here.

Don't know as of yet what we are going to pick but, we think some type of wooden floors.

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Connie said...

Michelle, I am glad I found your new/old blog...hope you are feeling better!