Thursday, October 8, 2009

September 25, 2009
so I was thinking.
that I can't add photos,(which I just love to do all the time) as my computer has no more memory to store them and I do have them saved on photo sites, but, that doesn't mean I still can't blog every day. LOL
So, on that note. today I went to the feed store and off to the Ranch market. It is a veggie/fruit market in two locations of mesa. Most know about it and some don't. I can actually buy 1 full case of lettuce for us and the farm animals for $2.00. Today was a bargain day again. I saw this bunch in the corner of mixed match produce or just cases of fruits/veggies that are getting old or they wish to clear out. I before purchased like 12 crisps apples for only $1.00 per bag and they were delish. I am just more conservative which steams from being married to Mr. overly Conservative that will probably will be pretty weathly one day as he is smart. :)
So, for today's bargains I received:
125(1case) of nectarines$2.00(split with another couple, as I asked this couple in spanish if they wanted some), 3lbs of pears $1.00, 3lbs of green grapes $1.30, 3 cantaloupes $1.00, 5 heads of lettuce $.95, 2lbs bananas $1.11, 2lbs

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