Monday, December 28, 2009

day after Christmas shopping. .

so for Christmas time this year we decided to do gift
cards in stockings as the children really liked this idea.
then they could go and purchase what they liked, as
tons of wrapping paper sits in my closet. LOL
but, it worked so On December 26th, we ventured on
over to Walmart where they wanted the gift cards and
it didnt' take Andrew above too much time to spend his.

As he purchased two full packs of movies. andrew
is totally inlove with Movies. yikes.

Jesus was morehesitate and had to really think this one through. LOL
he purchased a diet coke cute bottle of soda, Tic Tac's,
doritos, two legos, and a John 3:16 poster that ruined with
re-decorating his room. Then he still have some $ left to spend. :)

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