Tuesday, January 5, 2010

happy New Year 2010

thanks to my boys!!!! they like to have fun like their mom. hehe

well I wanted to make sure I post this year each card I make and send each month. This is some what of a sample but, the other ones I put a orange paper with yellow polka dots and a orange ring around the circle before I put the message. I downloaded the message off kolette hall's blog as she was out Ce teacher in 2008. She has a download day each and every Tuesday and I have used many of these on my cards.

I make cards once per month theme wise for Widows, Widowers, single folks, Priest, Deacons and special friends. I love to make cards and that takes over Scrapbooking my albums but, oh well one day I will catch up. I always end up at the 1st of each year, with kits to do or kits to add photos to also. If I can ever get there all this I will be amazed but, I keep taking photos. LOL Every shot is a kodak moment. LOL

I wish to go back to college to finish my degree this year, and switch over to an EEG technician as that program takes 1 year to complete but, the income is grand. And possibly work at Michaels(they wanted to hire me in 2008 and then last year but, I was sick from 11-30 with ear infections and now I am on the mend) maybe a dangerous job for me with my Michaels addiction. LOL But, the orowheat bakery outlet is hiring also as all I want is part time. I am so confused on my job life most days cuz, I wish to be here for Jesus as he starts youth ministry, is in band still and someone needs to bring him to his concerts and his football games etc.

Sometimes raising kids it is harder to hold a job for the wife but, I do farmers markets in Queen creek every Saturday as I know not one wife whom doesn't do something on this side to help out. I also gave up Avon for now after 15 years as I need a break. I am just waiting for the Good Lord to give me some answers to my questions.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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