Monday, January 11, 2010

my package

so, I got this package on Saturday once I came back from the Farmer's market selling in Queen creek and my sis farm for the day. It was fun and I sold 1 dozen duck eggs and 3 dozen hen eggs. It is fun to look around also as I got some fabric and the bin for $5.00 split with my sis. then I came home to this package from my CE friend Lisa. She isn't going this time around and so she needs to get rid of some CE items not her projects. I got all this for the postage of $10.35. As that is what I ordered. all I can say is wow!

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buglady said...

Hi Michelle- Yes that is an amazing amount f stuff, just for the cost of the postage. I love friends who are so generous with their extra scrap stuff! I am a hoarder I guess, could never give away that much!
Aloha, Kate