Sunday, December 6, 2009

today December 6, 2009 I was born into this world

and now I turned 46 years old

Wow, an incredible life I lead and I am so happy, grateful and thankful. Woke up cold today finally for the last year being out of the Big M) at a early age(LOL) than had coffee, and beans and eggs with corn tortillas for breakfast, and then we shall go to church and we didn't get to make cookies so instead we had Hot cocoa and Coffee and donuts at Dunkin Donuts. then we came home and I made this wonderful Freshetta pizza, the best ever. We hung out waiting for Juan to come home since he drove the van, then we ate lil smokies with chili dogs for dinner and it was time for Andrew to go home. This wonderful friend Judy gave me this nice little gift of a homemade pot holder and a Glade Bayberry spice candle and two magnets and a card, our son Jesus that is 12 years old made me that fun cake, they took a photo of me at 46 years old
And I got $20 from my one sis in Wyoming in a nice card and lunch and the Joys of the Season Cricut cartridge from my other sister and children. And over 100 emails, voicemails and facebooks messages. I never expect anything for my day as I am just so thankful each year to be alive, healthy, and happy!

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Susan Lepore said...

happy, happy, birthday Michelle! I hope your day is filled with smiles and happy memories (perfect for scrapbooking)! Enjoy! :-)