Tuesday, January 19, 2010

been Creative.

since it was supposed to rain all week long, I thought why not stay home and get caught up on my 29 and more kits of 12x12 pages I need to finish to check in for the club. I need 25 pages by June's club. So, I have time as today was a break in the rain after raining slightly yesterday and then all night long. Then tonight it is really pouring again.

So, I made my sis this cute charm chipboard hanging thing, like my bird one but, hers is called:" puppy Love". and then I decided to take a little break and have been eyeing my cotton colorful yarn, that I used to make wash rags out of. I used to make them for Christmas and wrap a cute soap in the middle for gifts.

So, I crochet her one really quick and drove to the mail box to mail that off also. I already mailed her charm thing before when the mailman came earlier.

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