Monday, January 18, 2010

my Scrapbook room!

I remember when I first started scrapbooking when I was in the Apache Junction Mom's club and Marianne made a moms night out to a Creative Memories house.We were to pay $10 and get 1 free pair of scissors and bring 7 photos. Me with being more positive in life, was negitive and said No i can't go as I can't afford this hobby and it is expensive etc. etc.
well that being said is almost 12 years later come August. I remember I started buying our 3 children's albums of Meliesa's was pink, Andrew and Jesus's were both blue.
then I purchased a holiday album of red and another family album of Green. That evolved.
i have done so many albums and created so many different ways. I am in a club as seen before twice per year as I get gifts of free stuff at the Scrapbook store, I do swaps, trades, I get gifts, give gifts etc.

so, above is the "Scrap" mess. LOL I actually call it my"Scrap Room" as I love scraps. and under the tables is nothing but, sewing stuff and the top drawer of the dresser is all stamps, and the next three are photos of the children. I have boxes of stuff to find room for, and tons of craft items under the long table. then by the clock is all the stuff I have created and it is loaded in the basket. In the white shelves I made is all flowers, my cuttle bug die cut and dies, and tons of ribbon in bins above and odds and ends. Below the white shelves are loads of different kinds of Scrapbooks I need to work on one day.

I have two bins of scrap paper, an inch of this or that cuz I don't like to throw anything scrap related away. then bins and bins of nothing but, stuff. YIkes.
Believe it or not there are so many ladies and men that have 1o times more then I will ever.

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