Friday, January 29, 2010

Valentine's day right around the corner.

oh and how I loved this tea party table at my sis farm for her 3 girls. It is so cute and they have a mud tea party and I just love how this is displayed. Cute! so, I just happened to look in our cupboard and happened to notice(HEHE) that I had a tea set and then got silly.

and placed these cute valentine's M&M's of pink, red and white in there. I love Valentine's day as it is RED, the Holiday of Love!!!! my most favorite holidays are Easter and Christmas though. So, I was thinking this tea set will be for my grandkids and myself one day as w

these are the little charms in my swap that are all bagged up ready to go.

I got some metal silver hearts and put distressed pink and red stickles inside and tried this on wax paper first and some stayed inside, some came out. So, the next few I just put more stickles inside(thick wonderful, glitter glue) and let them hang from the lobster claw and then they dried just fine.

here they are the "cute little heart" made in pink and red

as I made a cute little tag for each of us 12 that are participating in this also.
I noticed as this is my 5th charm swap that some ladies love to put a charm on some type of tag and I just wanted to try it. I like the color coordination.

these are my Valentine's day cards I made for the Month of February for Widows and widowers, single folks, some married friends, Priests and Deacons. It has a cute Valentines smile poem in it. I have been making these type of cards and sending them out for almost 5 years. I have been scrapbooking, paper crafting, etc. for almost 12 years wow!

it feel so nice to get caught up as I just finished my St. Patrick's day cute green cards!

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