Saturday, January 30, 2010

mona's CJ is finished.

this is my entry in Mona's book, it is my 2 page spread, and her book is titled;" Where I live!

I was kind of in a hurry to make this quick and my printer rain out of ink again. So,I was making a cute sun on my journaling page and then added our home and the saquaro. I wanted to add the photos of the road runner and some more of the Mountain we live by and other stuff.
As I went to Walmart to print photos new HP printer was hard to find where to make 4-2x3's on a 4x6 photo paper, like I did in Cheryl's book. I have so far completed my entry in 4 books including mine, only 6 more to do. I sure hope I do a good job as excited to see my CJ come August. Time is surely flying, almost February now. Wow!

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