Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Beautiful yellow and orange bell peppers, Only $1.00 for the case
of 42. Wow, I mean I get the best deals and I just cut them all up
and place them in a ziploc bag for the freezer. As I make my Juan's lunch
each and every morning about 5:30-6am, I just take what I need out of the freezer.
this is the best salad. It is cheese, I used mexican white cheese but, it is really supposed to have chunk chedder cheese, then macaroni noodles, can peas, diced onion and I used Light mayo. yum! I put this on a bed of shredded lettuce and had two pickles on the side, what a fanastic lunch!

this what I purchased at the Ranch market for $1.00, it is marked down produce that has some bad ones but, hey for $1.00 what a buy for a case of grapes. this nice man met me in the parking lot for some trade, of cabbage for a bag of grapes. He got a case of cabbage for $1.25 and then there was also celery for $1.00. Yum!

My Juan got these off the job and they are all lemons. I guess the trees grow together and make orange lemons. Can't wait to try these. yum!

this was a batch of apple/cranberry dough that tastes ever so yummy for bread.

this is some cranberry/oatmeal dough for some yummy cookies. Yielded 55 cookies. Yum!

this is what I got once for $13.08 at Big Lots, all this junk food. LOL this baby is called a Shaddock. It is in the grapefruit/citrus family. Comes from Malasia and other countries. I purchased this tree about 1 year ago from Costco and this was a very good fruit. this was the only one on it when we bought the tree. Yum!

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