Wednesday, February 10, 2010

project flowers

My name is Michelle Aguilar and after growing up in Mesa, My self and my two boys, (one that has mental illinesses in a group home now after my placement) wishes to do this for everyone. Here is my quick story and if you can help us gain exposure to this, I really would appreciate this ever so much.
I am always thinking of ideas, I feel like I have so much potiental in life and this is what I came up with this week.

I just wanted to say that I live 2 blocks from the Mountain View Cemetary as my dad’s grave and so many others are there. In my 2 mile walk per day, I go there and lay flowers on his grave, then I also put some of those flowers in someone’s elses gravestone vase etc.

I find flowers on the ground and try and find the right vase it goes in. If not I notice vases without any, and that makes me sad cuz everyone should have flowers as that adds to the beauty and calm, peacfulness.

And I also visit the Queen of heaven Catholic Cemetary. Then as I can fill them up, I will move on to the Mesa city Cemetary and all the others ones around the valley. This is a project from myself and my two sons just wish to help as some can’t leave flowers anymore or others aren’t around anymore too. We are looking for the publics help on donations of plastic used flowers that they would likely throw away.

So, I decided to collect fake used flowers from anyone that wishes to throw them away. It is so peaceful for me at that cemetary and I love to just help of coarse. I always meet someone that lost their love one and just sit with them and listen to them and that is very comforting for them. J I promised a lot of people before and after they pass away, that I would make sure there are flowers on their gravestones.

My hope is that this can go USA wide and then that would be great. I am so happy to think of ideas.

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Beth said...

wow...your project flowers look awesome. It was joy to read it. Keep up the good work.