Friday, February 12, 2010

valentine's day dance and fun!

Juan is a Knight of Colombus and can't hardly make it to meeting etc. for the chapter at our church. So, I was determined to get him to something since he is a contractor and works so much! so, we went to this fun Valentine's day dinner and dance. We danced once as Juan is unsure of dancing fast, as he likes slow. Typical man. LOL this group of this couple were fab. I loved hearing them sing and play.
Happy Valentine's day banner above the divine food of potluck style and I brought sweet potatoe, white chocolate chip, raisin cookies. I love potlucks as some women really know how to cook! Yum!
here are two of the Priest whom came. both winter here from Minnesota, Fr. Doffing and Father Endres. Father D. knows everyone's name, wow!

here are the decorations that Laura did and the tables, atmosphere was decorated so nice and festive. Rose petals all over the tables, with flowers as the centerpiece and some confetti all over plus kisses on the tables.
We played valentine bingo, guess how many cute kisses in a jar, trivia, and then 15 different hearts that say: I love you in different languages. We had to guess which one and I think I got 3 right. wow, it was hard.

cute, cute tables.

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