Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine's Day!

Andrew and Jesus playing on the bale of Straw with Daisy the duck and Meenie the Rooster.
we had such a lovely day in Arizona that we decided to venture outside for a while.
they are being funny as the some of the other animals come out of the gate.
my valentine's gifts were from Andrew a box of sweethearts and a Julia and Julie DVD that I just love that movie. Then I got a very nice RED rosary and case from Juan and Jesus.
the funny story is Andrew and I talked on Wednesday, and he said I have some surprises for you mom. So, that was that, and then when we talked on Saturday night, he said mom I got you some gifts for Mother's day(LOL) and it is sweethearts, Julia and Julie DVD, a card and these are your surprises. that was funny for me cuz he just told me them. LOL

some balloons I got from the K of C party and it was fun to pose by them.

I love how I decorated the table with nice petals and confetti hearts of paper and shining confetti, oranges, lemons and grapefruit on the side.LOL

Andrew posing with balloons and his crisp chocolate with messages in each one.

Jesus posing with his chocolate crisps and balloons. I wanted to get them something different this time around without a candy heart.

Meliesa posing on Friday with her candy Chocolate crisp hearts cuz she was leaving now for the weekend again from Friday-Monday and I had each child pose with those pretty balloons.
I love balloons! Juan was missing in the photos cuz I never did get his photo taken. hum,
they did go to church as I was on a retreat from Friday night and all day Saturday and then confessions and mass. So, It felt so strange not attending on Sunday with my family. We had left over pizza I purchased Saturday night from Little Caesars pizza for lunch with snacks.
I did purchase Jesus and Andrew a heart cute cookie. :)

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