Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy, 39th Birthday to Juan!

On April 15th, Tax day Juan had his Happy Birthday. I volunteered at the CK convention and was down by our favorite Chinese food placed called Autumn moon, then I called Jesus and asked him to make a quick cake for his dad. he made rainbow chip and since Juan doesn't care for frosting, we decorated with my nieces embellishments from the cake decorating class and I put almost 29 candles. I had 1 full box and two semi boxes. I guess as we age I really need to stock up on boxes of candles. LOL

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AZAnjanette said...

Was so glad to see you at CKC convention. I did a couple classes. The technique tuesday class was awesome, the acrylic album I did with 'Awesome Albums' was not as great. They could have provided more than they did or better instructions. The class was lacking but still a good base for a future project. Glad to finally get the right blog website! I was wondering where you'd been!