Friday, April 9, 2010

flowers and food

on the R is an onion that was actually starting to grow in our refrigerator as well as L is a garlic that was trying to do the samething, so I planted them outside. I like the plant, so pretty. The garlic looks for delicate though.
these are some flowers popping up that I don't remember putting in the ground.

just really pretty wild flowers I did plant in Oct. 2009

the roses are in bloom and ever so pretty. They generally start all white, then all yellow or those colors are the most domainering colors. then we get a red and a pink here and there. this rainy season that I was getting tired of but, now really am thankful for, made everything flourish in color and bloom.

these are wild flowers I planted in October and all this rain really brought them out. Pretty!

Tis the Strawberry Season as it is so nice and I love them. Just last week, we went through eating 6lbs. Now I got 6 more for this week. It is wonderful to make smoothies of Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Bananas, ice and apple juice. My friend Marilyn uses spinach also.

these beautiful flowers were donated to me from Minnesota from Else for our Project Flowers. they came unannounced to me to help with my project to fill the lonely vases at the Cemetaries wtih flowers.

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