Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday, Christ has Risen!

we got up on sunday and I made a really good breakfast, then we all went to church, Angeles and Jose Manuel joined us, andrew ended up staying outside cuz he said it was so crowded and he didnt' want to try and find us. so, we went to Walmart and they made us 2-6 foot subs, as one was for Tammy and her family, we came home and ate. Juan had to drive the van so he ate seperate. the sub had roast beef, turkey and ham and it was very good with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, chips and soda on the side. Yum!

Andrew coloring Easter Eggs. What fun we had cuz Jose Manuel really wanted to do this as we did after church.

Jesus coloring his eggs as we decided to do duck eggs this time.

the children's little bunny and egg sucker for a gift. We used to do baskets and put them outside, wake up the children and then they would go outside all grouchy and get their basket and now as all teenagers, it is fun but, more conservative.

this was our morning breakfast. I made bacon, eggs, and these yummy danishes from Angeles.

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