Monday, April 5, 2010

Jesus turns 13 years old~!

March 24, 2010 at 6:10 a.m.
Jesus was so happy cuz he got $100 from Aunt Lori and Family for doing so well
13 cupcakes, thank God I got the count right. last year I did 11 accidently when he turned 12.

these yummy chocolate/yellow cake mix cupcakes were filled with vanilla frosting and decorated on top with rainbow chip vanilla frosting.

he was so happy cuz this child loves frosting!

*pretty* cupcakes of 13

he was opening this stop light that is so neat. and he got 5 big bags of candy to enjoy

he received 1 movie and 2 games from his brother Andrew.

having fun in the streamers hung from the Ceiling fan.

andrew, Jesus and Kiki posing before the fun starts.

mom's decorating before Jesus came home from school.

My new 13 year old Son Jesus as we ate Barros Cheese pizza, cupcakes, soda and played.

fun decorations.

I took him to Bookmans on Saturday march 20th cuz earlier in the day I found an Xbox for only $50.00 and asked him later on if he wanted 1 gift today. I am so bad about giving early. LOL
he was so surprised as I layed it on the chair and he passed by after I paid for it and he was shocked that was for him. LOL

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