Thursday, April 22, 2010

two more entries

This is Barb's CJ cute! I did this first cuz I knew exactly what I wished to add but, need to find my 2nd page on the Right and add the photo on my blog. but, the next one was supposed to done 1st as they both arrived at the same time to my house. I did my animals since we have so many and that is what I like to do, is
celebrate the moment with them alot!

this is Ashley's CJ as this was my families 1st trip for us all to attend Dineyland and Calfornia Adventures in July 2006. I have been alot and my daughter was there now 2 times and at the time Juan and our boys had never been before.

I was very fun as Juan really like California Adventures alot more then Disneyland and I could not wait to go back to Disneyland after being in California Adventures for the day!

This was her theme; I was here and sign in page and cute folded album.

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