Sunday, June 13, 2010

Andrew is 18!

It all started with this nice mixer that was my mom's over 30 years ago that made the most dreamy cream cheese frosting!

and then for the children's birthdays I like to make cupcakes for some reason, so I asked Andrew what flavor he would like and he said strawberry! Then I frosted them with sprinkles and put them in like a number: "18 formation".

he wanted his birthday this year at his group home as they can invited other group homes to come over so he can have more friends at his party. This is when we were eating pizza from Domino's with his brother Jesus.

here is his group home Director Melinda and he was happy she came to the party.

time to open up the gifts.

then his 1st gift was a $25 gift card and a nice card from his agency.

he loves to open gifts and so therefore he is so excited opening this one from another group home.

he received the movie Avatar but, already had a burned copy but, was excited to get this brand new one with the cover.
then he opened our gifts as his real gift from us is a bike but, the one I wanted I am waiting to get for him. so, he opened this Leapfrog globe and he really like it as it does about 14 different features and music etc. Great learning tool.
then he got 2 bags of candy from us and two shirts as I have a tradition to buy them candy.LOL
he got some nice sandals, the Alice and Wonderland DVD and a nice wallet from the group home.
then it was time to watch some movies and enjoy some cupcakes.
after I got back to pick up Jesus, I saw they purchased him another yummy chocolate with filling.
he had a very happy Birthday.

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