Sunday, June 13, 2010

how are gardens are growing.

our 1st harvest, Radishes

and yellow squash, yum!

yellow squash

tomatoes that came from a little starter plant and the one next that is hard to see on the right, is a bunch of seeds and is just as big.

here are some photos of our Gardens!

yellow Squash

fluffy lettuce

green onions

cucumbers with fluffy lettuce that spread from it's original spot.

we 1st started planting gardens in april 2010, or say i was since Juan had no time. his are 10 times better then mine(hehe) but, aleast I tried to get them going. I just put the seeds in and didn't pay any attention on how they spreaded out or anything. Juan would've of seen to it that each one had it own spot and made them very straight. LOL I had lettuce in my cucumbers etc.
I planted cucumbers, lettuce, radishes, yellow squash, tomatoes, one from a plant starter and one from several seeds, amazing to see how they both grow just the same, then I planted red and yellow chili's, bell peppers and green onions.
Oh how I just love fresh veggies right from our yard.

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