Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project Flowers

this is an idea I came up with about 2 months ago. On my daily walk I would find some vases at the Mountain View Cemetary, 2 blocks from my house, that there were lonely vases.
I would try and bring other flowers or take my dad's used flowers out of his vase and put those on the one's that didnt' have any at all. So there it kicked off. i called every East mesa or Mesa Area Cemetary and got permission to place flowers in the vases. My one sister came up with an idea to put tags on each one that she made for me that said; Donations from Project Flowers". this is so families that come back to visit the gravestone of their deceased relative, will see we are also helping them out. Some can't put any flowers anymore and some have died and can longer do this.
I am contacting every faith based church, the veterans and every organization to get the word out.
Someone joked and said one day i shall be on Oprah! wow, that would be incredible

donations piled high I picked up on May 10th, 2010
donations that came via Minnesota. so pretty!

donations from churches.

Me at the East Valley tribune article meet.

My niece on the front cover of the East valley article.

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Sandi M said...

I popped over from ATT when I had no idea what you were writing about in the post saying Gloria gave you permission...

Now, I get it :) This is a very thoughtful & ambitious project you have come up with. I hope you get lots of flowers sent to you from your nearby churches.