Tuesday, June 22, 2010

a couple of cards

here is a cute little photo or credit card book I received in 2009 for Creative Escape in the form of a RAK, so I decided to use it for my cards and license, and embellish the front. Cute.

these are the Father's day Cards I did for our Priests. I like to make them and so this seemed fitting. I got these neat scraps of paper from Lesli's love notes class. I haven't taken it for awhile but, I since I make her a card and dropped it off each month, she loves to give me scraps. I love scraps so much, I have 2 big bins full. :)
here is a cute card I made for Marti the owner of Scrapbooks etc. for the album club party. I know I just like to make her a card in appreciation of doing this. We get all this free stuff to keep us motivated to create, if it is scrapbooking, card making etc.

here was my JUne card for the widows/widowers and single folks, teachers that I made this month. I try and take some type of theme as this has been ongoing for over 5 years. I know that some just love a simple cuteness in their mail box each month. :)

I also used this style for thank you's for my project flowers donations!

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cute stuff!!!

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