Sunday, June 13, 2010

farmers markets,

my niece and family are raising money for the Pig Santuary in arizona. they need jars of peanut butter for the pigs to be able to consume their medicine daily.

so my sister came up with this idea to make pigs to sell for any donation and donate to them.
this was the 1st time selling on June 5th and she made $154.00.

here is my sister nursery of plants and trees @ http;//

my sandalloons, headbands and fig cookies

this was the last one as I sell the 1st of each month at the Queen Creek library with my sister.
this time was fun cuz we ate sundae's and then I got to sell alot of eggs.

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The Roberts Family said...

let me know when you do this again cuz we would love to get some stuff :)